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"After trying aerobics, gym work and personal training, I was desperate to find a form of exercise that I would actually enjoy and stay at for longer than three months. I tentatively went along to a class at the Adult Ballet Studio and have been hooked ever since. That was four years ago and I now attend classes at least three times a week. Lois and Olivia are wonderful teachers and seeing myself improve each year is enormously satisfying, not to mention the physical changes in my body that have naturally taken place. As I'm driving to class I don't feel as if I'm off to exercise for a couple of hours but instead that I'm off to dance."

~ Kaddie Aufmanis

"I started ballet through the adult beginners' classes four years ago, and since then I have really enjoyed the whole ballet experience. I have improved my deportment, strength, coordination and most of all, my appreciation for such a beautiful form of expression. Over the years I have been to gyms and other dance classes, all of which became a worn novelty or a drag to attend, so I kept changing to something else. Adult Ballet is as special as it is good for me, and the beginner's classes are excellent. We are all there to learn and improve and the environment is very supportive. I recommend the classes to anyone who wants to learn and a way to dance, that also helps their mind, body and spirit."

~ Kirrily Freeman

"After not exercising for over 10 years I was keen to start up some form of physical activity but I had trouble deciding what that could be. Swimming, gym, aerobics or yoga? Nothing really appealed. Then I read an article in a magazine about the health benefits of ballet. This got me interested, however I'd never done ballet before. I was nervous. Could I really start learning? With trepidation, I entered the beginner's class. My wonderful teachers, Lois and Olivia, are patient, attentive and kind and the classes are a fun workout with beautiful music. I enjoy myself so much and consider myself so lucky that I came across the Adult Ballet Studio and had the opportunity to learn from these two great teachers."

~ Keiko Araki

"I'' thought ballet was something you either did from childhood or not at all. Then I found the Adult Ballet Studio. The moment I saw a class, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Experienced, dedicated and a gifted teacher, Olivia is patient, encouraging and ever generous with guidance. Our progress is always at heart and classes are continually challenging yet inspiring. Sharing the class with others who clearly have the same passion (and fears!) makes learning pleasurable and not at all daunting. It's immensely gratifying being able to express myself adequately through the music, not to mention walking out after every class feeling light as air and on cloud nine!"

~ Zara Choy

"Although I always had an ambition to take up ballet from a young age, somehow it never eventuated. After reaching adulthood, I was convinced it was way too late to start. Then, seven years ago I took a huge step by attending my first lesson at the Adult Ballet Studio. I have to say now, I'm absolutely addicted! My teachers, Lois & Olivia are skilled and uniquely dedicated to giving us all constant challenges in dance. As a result, I find ballet a completely rewarding and joyful experience. Regularly now, I practice with other enthusiastic students in a friendly atmosphere — this has always been my dream!"

~ Emi Morimoto

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